This is me before.

This my pircutre playing tennis but this is blurred.


This me now after i used glutamx lightening soap for a few weeks.
See the difference in my picture i got a lighter skin than before it was effective for me so im using it till now in the end  i got a  lighter skin.

 I don't actually like using whitening or lightening soap
but i just got my interest to trying it. I am very conscious on my skin so i got the idea on trying glutamax soap, i have a dark skin because i am playing basketball and tennis so that can be the cause of having a dark skin.

It is hard to have a dark skin because many people will tell you "bat ang itim itim mo! nakakarindi sa pandinig diba parang inaasar kapa ehh!". So i need make my skin lighter and now i am using it see what happen.

 I got a very different look than before for the first week my friends and cousin are questioning why i gotten a lighter skin. I told them that i am using a lightening soap and there asking what kind of soap i am using i told  them that i am using Glutamax Lightening soap. It cost not that expensive but it is effective as you can see i got a lighter skin. But it will have a very good result, my friends, classmates, family are telling that i have been whiter.

I can now face the challenge this coming Christmas having new life and lighter skin, making girls love me more. hahaha!
I am a college student so i need to be have a beautiful and lighter skin so i can be attractive on girls. Now it surely does!

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