Household Chores

Step by Step on how to do your Households Chores. People Who do not know where to begin on doing there Households Chores. I'm giving step by step TIPS for you to make your House Hold Chores easier.


1.1 Wash First the Dishes.

1.2 wipe your cabinet,Drawers, chairs windows, table and all of your things that are full of dust. Note: Use wet Cleaning Rag

1.3 Clean your Bathroom

1.4 Take off all the cobweb or dust in your ceiling.

STEP 2: Cleaning Your Room

2.1 Take all the dirt in your room and put it away in a one place (it could be n your Living room or in your room).

2.2 Clean your Bed.

3.3 Use Broom to clean the Dirt in your Floor and put in a one place.

STEP 3: Cleaning your Floor

3.1Clean the Floor in your Bed room, Guest room, Dining room, living room, and other rooms in your house. Put it a one place in the living room.

3.3 Put all the Dirt that you put in a one Place ant Throw it in the Garbage can or Trash Can.

STEP 4: Whipping the Floor

4.1 Use a Map or a use Clothe that are wet and then whip your Floor.

4.2 Start First in your Bed Room then next to your dinning room, and living room.

4.3 Wait for the Floor to Dry.

4.4 Then Your Done.

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